Information about Smartphones and Tasers

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This paragraph is about why tasers have electric shocks. According to, the electric shock stops the bad guys without killing them. They do this because if they didnÕt TASE them, they would just kill them with out even putting them in jail. I think that a taser is a really good idea because it hurts people with out killing them.


This paragraph is about who invented it. According to Jack Cover invented the taser because they needed something to stop the bad guys without killing them. They couldnÕt just go up to the bad guys and say, ÒIÕm putting you in jail so come get in my car!Ó That is why he invented the taser.


This paragraph is about when it was invented. The first taser was invented in 1979 so the police officers didnÕt have to kill the bad guys instead they just TASED them that was over 30 years ago I did not know that Tasers were invented over 30 years ago that is why tasers are cool.

What Smart phones Are


This paragraph is about Siri. One of the reasons the iPhone is so awesome is because of its voice-command app called Siri.  When you say, "Siri," the iPhone will say, "What do you want?"  Then you can just talk to it like a regular human, like, "Where is the nearest McDonald's?"  Siri will search the Internet and give you a map to the nearest McDonald's!


This paragraph is about the Android (how great it is compared to the iPhone). The Android is awesome because it's very sensitive.  You just barely touch the screen and it flicks.  Also it has a very good display of the screen.  It looks so real.


This paragraph is about the iPhone (how great it is compared to the Android). The iPhone has an incredible screen.  You can zoom in quickly.  It is really High Def. It has a front-facing camera. It has a gyroscope which means it knows what direction it is.



This paragraph is what the first smartphone was called. The very first smartphone was called the IBM Simon.  This History channel said that the smartphone was invented in 1992.  The first people who saw it were at Las Vegas, Nevada.




This paragraph is about an app that helps you see the stars. According to American stargazers could be forgiven for shaking a fist at the heavens this weekend. The Draconids meteor shower is expected to yield intense shooting-star activity, but by the time the sun sets on the United States, the action will most likely have ended.

Fortunately, you can still track and watch coming meteor showers and other astronomical phenomena if you have a smartphone loaded with Meteor Shower Guide ($1 on Apple) or Meteor Shower Calendar (free on Android), and two great star-viewing apps, StarWalk ($3 on iPhone; $5 on iPad) and Google Sky Map (free on Android). That to me is one of the coolest paragraphs I have ever read


This paragraph is about an app that helps you play guitar. According to, Everybody dreams of learning how to play a musical instrument. Some people were fortunate enough to have taken lessons as a kid. However, for some, it'll remain a frustration forever. That's no longer true, however, with the introduction of the smart phone. There are lots of applications to select from like piano, drum, and guitar apps.

The guitar is an instrument that seems easy enough to learn. In fact, there are lots of people who claim to have taught themselves how to play. They do this simply by randomly strumming on the guitar. Ultimately, they find themselves learning the basics. Today, learning how to play this instrument is even easier with the help of guitar apps for smart phones and other mobile touch screen gadgets. I think that is really cool.




This paragraph is about how smartphones can help save you money at the store. according to, Save Money – Having a smartphone on hand while you shop can help you save on everyday purchases, and save big on larger purchases like appliances. Not only can you read product reviews while you are in the store, you can also compare prices by scanning barcodes to make sure that you are getting the best deal.


While talking with a potential smartphone buyer recently, she shared that if she had a smartphone she would have been able to find out the features on an appliance at Sears and save $50 too.


Without a smartphone, she had to drive home after employees couldnÕt provide any information about the appliance, and there she found that had it available for $50 less. She ordered online and picked up in store. If she had a smartphone that whole process could have happened without the extra time and gas. I think that saving money on stuff like gas and food at the store from your smartphone is pretty amazing.