Awesome Computer Information

By Athena J


Would you like $100 for a computer or an iphone. Choose computers, if you are wondering who made the smallest computers, or how much they cost, or when they were made read my awesome cool report that is all about computers. Hope you like it!

What it is




This paragraph is about why some are touch screen. According to Computer History Museum, Some people like to use the mouse some people just like touch the touch screen computer. Personally I like the mouse alto better then the touch screen. But one person brought up the idea so they made lots of them, but they are very expensive. This is cool because it tells you about where they got the idea and why they made it.





This paragraph is about the smallest computer. According to Devin Angle, Long long before the ipods and Bill Gates and cell phones one person made a very small computer. Every one wanted to use it. But it was not the best choice. I like this because it tells you what the smallest computer was invented before.