By The Shadow Man


Can you fit a water bottle in you backpack? Yes. Can you fit a tiger in the hallway? Yes. Can you fit a computer in tissue box? Yes. Read my report to find out how. I will also teach you the History of computers, what they are, and a cool fact about them.



This paragraph is about why there are so many types of computers.  According to Buzzle.com, Computers are one of the greatest inventions made by man. Humans use them every day and the computer does most of our work. They keep getting better at a very fast speed . I think this is cool because if they didnÕt get better the computers would each fill a whole room! And those would be hard to use at school. It computers didnÕt get better we wouldnÕt have a computer program at Northridge.


This paragraph is about What the smallest computer in the world is . According to Fox News, people recently invented the first millimeter computer. It is about the size of the N on the back of the penny. Think about how small that is!


This paragraph is about Why Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are enemies.. According to PBS, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are frenemies. They were both college dropouts. They are enemies in business but friends in life. . This is cool because if you are a enemy you donÕt like each other. And if you are a friend you like each other. How can you be both?



This paragraph is about what difference Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have. According to PBS, Steve jobs is bold and not afraid to be embarrassed and not that good of a friend. Bill Gates is kind of shy and he's a better friend than Steve jobs. This cool because I have a friend that is brave and funny and a friend that is shy and a better friend. They have the same name.


This paragraph is about shat Bill Gates thinks of Steve Jobs.  According to PBS, he's jealous of Steve Jobs boldness and he thinks that Steve Jobs got the credit that he deserved. Sometimes thatÕs how I feel. I feel I do the work and they get the credit. But then I get over it.




What It is And How It Works

This paragraph is about how you charge a tablet battery.

According to Sony Electronics Inc., you plug the power cord into the AC adapter. Plug the power cord into a nearby AC power wall outlet. Turn the tablet over and plug the AC adapter into the tablet device charge connector. How was I supposed to know this? It is a good thing we have the internet!



Cool Things

This paragraph is about if there are any computers in Antarctica. According to Sportsdude you can have a computer in Antarctica but you will not be able to access the internet. This is cool because I thought they would not have any way for power in Antarctica!




Follow up on attention-getter.  Review main ideas.