JThe Amazing Super HeroŐs fountainJ

By: Lislis the superhero!! J


       ItŐs a bird! No, ItŐs a plane! ItŐs aÉ ItŐs aÉ HeroŐs fountain! In the world of the HeroŐs fountain, you can sleep above your covers and under your mattress, it doesnŐt matter whatŐs on top and on bottom! On one continent, thereŐs the thing that makes it work and on the other side it SQUIRTS! First, ItŐs going to squirt out some interesting facts. Next, ItŐll squirt out its history. And last, it will squirt out all the other stuff that didnŐt fit in the first 2 categories. Squirt, squirt, squirt! I hope itŐs refreshing!


Interesting Facts


This paragraph is about whether the Ňtop beakerÓ needs to be above the Ňbottom beakerÓ. According to ŇNoetic BrainwavesÓ, it can be anywhere, as long as the pipe connecting the 2 is there. So if you had a REALLY long pipe I guess, you could put them on different sides of the planet! J


This paragraph is about what it does. According to ŇomsiÓ, (DonŐt ask me what it means. Apparently a lot of websites like weird names.) It makes a Ňcontinuous fountainÓ using gravity and pressure. (Actually I found a lot of websites saying that it wasnŐt quite continuous and ran out after a while.)  It would make a good water fountain except it would run out of water pretty quickly. (Especially on a P.E. day!)


P.S. This note card was borrowed from Paige.





This paragraph is about why theyŐre called heroŐs fountains.  According to Wikipedia, They were named after their inventor, Hero/Heron. Did he invent the hero sandwich, too? (a later paragraph answers: no.)


    but... This paragraph is about why you would use them. According to Martyn Shuttleworth, It was used to help teach by its inventor. (Probably to college students.) They should have them as water fountains at OUR school. Educational water fountains are hilarious just writing about. Even though, as I pointed out earlier, they would run out quick.


This paragraph is about other inventions from the same inventor. According to Wikipedia, here are his other inventions:

The aeolipile

The vending machine



A windwheel-powered organ

A lot of stuff for theaters

The force pump

A syringe

And some mathematical principal with light. This was the paragraph proving the hero sandwich theory wrong.


This paragraph is about who made them. According to Wikipedia, the inventor was Hero of Alexandria of Heron. IŐve already mentioned that, I know, but I didnŐt have it as itŐs own paragraph. Not quite.


P.S. That was a note card borrowed from miles.


Other Stuff 



This paragraph is about how they work. According to Noetic Brainwaves, the water in the ŇbowlÓ falls through the pipe to the "bottom beaker". The water falling pushes the air in the bottom beaker into the top beaker. The air

from the bottom beaker pushes the water out from the "top beaker" and it gets squirted into the bowl. Squirt!!!  I think this is a fun way to say it. (Squirting, I mean.)

This paragraph is about the most popular way to position them. According to Noetic Brainwaves, the most popular way is in a straight line to make them more mysterious. Call a detective! ThereŐs a Mysterious Fountain in here!


This paragraph is about how to make your own. Actually, I was going to borrow this note card from Paige, but somehow, It 

DoesnŐt have anything on it, so I am paragraph-less here. I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. L







Heron's fountain

December 15, 2011

this has a lot about Hero's/Heron's fountains, but it has a lot of big scientific words.




Shuttleworth, Martyn


December 15, 2011

this talks about how to make it a lot.




it doesn't really say

Heron's Fountain

December 16, 2011

I am not sure how to describe this.





Hero of Alexandria

December 16, 2011

this talks about the inventor. It has a lot of big words, though.