By HaroldDEBob


Who thinks it was invented in 1960? NOPE your WAY off. Who thinks it was in 1834? Your close! The first mechanic computer was built in 1837!If you want to know more about the computer, READ MY REPORT!

What it is

This paragraph is about what it is.  According to Computer History Museum, Isn't that cool? It is an electronic device that manipulates information or data.It can order things online, and can help you with billions of other things.I think this is cool because I first of all didn't know it contained data.Second, I thought it was just a thing that you used to research and facebook, and play games.


This paragraph is about what is inside a computer.

According to,Isn't that cool? The brains have all the things to process the data to your screen.The guts have all the other things to make a computer useful, but they arenŐt involved in getting information.I think this is cool because I never knew it could have that in a computer.


This paragraph is about  what the first smartphone was called. The very first smartphone was called the IBM Simon.  This History channel said that the smartphone was invented in 1992.  The first people who saw it were at Las Vegas, Nevada.




This paragraph is about when it was invented. According to, Can you belive it? The first general mechanical computer in 1837?!It was invented, the first general mechanical computer, in 1837! I think that is cool because that is like when the pioneers came here! And the pioneers came here in like 1835! So it is sort of the same time line.


This paragraph is about who invented the computer.

According to,So  Charles Babbage was the "father of the computer",was the one who rediscovered the computer and invented one.He invented the one of the first computers. That is because in 1837 the first computer was invented.




Cool stuff

This paragraph is about the difference between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. According to Consumer Reports talking about his sadness for Steve Job's death. The video above it talks about that Jobs and Gates were rivals,enemies and friends.Steve felt that microsoft (Gate's company) had taken his ideas and plans.Bill Gates felt that Jobs was getting more credit than he needed.It says in the video that Jobs wasn't a easy friend to deal with,but he was funner.Gates was a easy friend to have, but wasn't that fun.These two were the ones who made the microsoft computer(Gates), and the apple computer.(Jobs)

This paragraph is about how much the smallest computer weighs. According to, Can you belive it?The smallest computer weighs 2.4/3.1 pounds!I think this is cool because I never thought it would be that light!How are you going to know how light it is?Go to the store and measure it on one of those things that measure your fruit. I bet you that it wouldn't be able to measure it, because of how light it is.


This paragraph is about how many computers are being used. According to, ThatŐs how many computers are now being used around the world, according to the Gartner group. Even if you only have one computer, you are still contributing the billlion computers that are out there.Can you belive it? Billion computers being used! I wonder how many of those are tiny as a penny?

This paragraph is about how small the smallest computer in the world is. According to, How are you going to play on it?ThatŐs my question for them.How are you going to find it? I mean,how are you going to work on it? Its going to be a hard day for them.You know, who wants to have a computer that is only one millimeter?