Awesome night vision and smartphones

By Philip George Fred Nedd Bob Joe Billy Leonardo Sam Nathen Fredrick 


Hey you need to come listen to this amazing report about night vision and smartphones you donÕt  want to be late so hurry up and listen to this amazing report.   IÕm gonna teach you about

the history ,How it works, Cool stuff, night vision and cool apps for smartphones.



This paragraph is about when night vision was invented Night vision was made in world war 2. So the soldiers could see in

the dark. That is sweet I think they made for the war. Wow making stuff during war!


This paragraph is about who invented night. The first night vision devices were introduced by the German army as

early as 1939. Give credit. The German army thatÕs cool that they made night vision. That is weird to me but oh well.



How does it work

This paragraph is Why they made it for night.. They are not just for in the night time. You can also use them in dark buildings, dark room, They donÕt just have to be in the night they can be in just plain dark too. Sweet that is cool there not just made for night their made for inside buildings. I thought that that they only worked in night.


This paragraph is about how night vision works. you need the right goggles for you kind of eyes or you'll be in trouble and you will think night vision is the worst thing ever and you'll get mad so you need the right kind of eyes for the right kind of night vision. Yikes I hope IÕm not the unlucky one.


This paragraph is about how night vision cameras are better than normal kinds. I think that there the same except the camera might be easier because its littler but when your hunting the goggles are better because youÕll be carrying your supplies. They made a night vision camera that is sweet I would hate having to carry around huge goggles.

Cool stuff

This paragraph is about how cool it is that they made a camera with night vision. The camera can be better because its smaller but when hunting you donÕt want to carry it so you want goggles. I agree carrying the camera when hunting would get me really mad.

Cool Apps for Smartphones


This paragraph is about an app that helps you see the stars. There's an app called "Pocket Universe."  When you point it at the sky, it will show you where the planets and stars are!  It will give you names of constellations, like the Big Dipper.  It will also tell you when meteor showers (shooting stars) are coming, and other reports. My sister would love that she would go crazy she loves learning about the stars.


This paragraph is about an app that helps you play guitar. There is an app for your smartphone called "Guitar

Toolkit" that can actually help you play the guitar!  It has a tuner, so you can tune-up your guitar.  It has a metronome (1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and) so you can keep the beat to the music.  And, if you forget where to put your fingers on the guitar strings, there is even a dictionary with music chords in it. My brothers would think thatÕs cool like me.