There is so much to learn about robots! JJJ

By The Booger On Your Finger


       Doom, Dang, Zap, that is the sound off battle bots I have a lot of really good paragraphs like my paragraph on battle robots and I have sorted them. There is What They Do Or Are, and the

History, and last but not least, Things About Them. You better read it.


What they are or do













This paragraph is about being high tech.  According to Japan has made it so that kids can have fun with Robots in their room if they are board. That would be nice in the states but we don't have the technology.


This paragraph is about how they help. According to robots can help you by making your life happy.  They can talk to you.  They can play with you.  They can even play ball games like soccer.  They have foot sensors so they can know where the ball is, so they can kick it. That is so cool I wish I had one!


This paragraph is about why they are so brave. According to they are brave because. They want to save lives. They do it to save people. They do it to make history.


This paragraph is about when they are used for the army. According two. They are used by a remote control and they blend in. They cannot be seen by the enemy. Unless they are in plan sight. That is cool a robot army man coooool.


This paragraph is about who invented the robot. According to the first working robot was invented in 1961. And it was not as good as the robots you would see on TV. This was the very first. Invented by Karol Capek. We are smart it was made in 1961!















 Things about them

This paragraph is about why they are so weird. According to they are weird because there is so much weird kinds of them like the ones with four legs. I mean four legs scary robot dogs.


This paragraph is about fighting robots. WouldnÕt you like to see robots fighting each other until one of them explodes and they can have razors and they can breath fire? Well that is what fighting robots do. They are so cool I hoe I can buy a fighting robot one day.