By Tom The Talking Toilet



What if I could tell you  tasers are eletric rifles? THEY ARE! What if I could tell you there are 26 Tasers? There Are!!!!!! Please Read!!!! IÕm Going to teach you the History Facts and cool stuff.



This paragraph is about when tasers were made.  According to Wikipedia,  1942 . É.




This paragraph is about why they now call them tasers. According to Wikipedia, because taser internatioal made them. Cool.

This paragraph is who invented it. According, to www.nytimes.com Jack Cover invented the taser because they needed something to stop the bad guys without killing them because they couldnÕt just go up to the bad guys and say im putting you in jail so come get in my car that is why he invented the taser.. . Cool.




Taser facts

This paragraph is  why they are dangerous. According to wikipedia, because they can electrocute you. Cool.



This paragraph is why they use nitrogen. According to wikipedia, because to launch electrodes. Cool.


This paragraph is about why they shoot dart like electrodes.             According To Wikipedia To pulse you and electrocute you. Cool.

Types of tasers

Why do they have lots of different tasers. According to Wikipedia  they have 26 tasers because they want  more . Cool.


This paragraph is about how many tasers are there.  According to Wikipedia there are 26 tasers. Cool


This paragraph is about  what is the latest taser. According to Wikipedia, the X26 Tasers is the latest taser. Cool.




Thanks for Reading my Report. Hope you learned NOT to be Abused with tasers, even though you Learned  cool stuff about them.