Stuff About Satellites and Smartphones


                                    By Captain Falcon


Have you ever thought of launching a rocket into space? If you did it may be stuck in orbit. I will teach you about this! I will also teach you about satellites, what a smartphone is, and cool apps! I hope you enjoy my report!


This paragraph is about how you can build a weather satellite. According to if you attached a rocket onto a truck and launch it into orbit, you could carry all the things to make a weather satellite and then make it. Then you would also have a guy that could help build it. I think this is funny because trucks drive, not launch into orbit.


This paragraph is about when Sputnik was launched.  According to Launius, Roger The Spuntik 1 was launched on October 4,1957 and, was the first sattelite! It made history when it was launched, because it was the first artificial satellite. I think it was inportant.


This paragraph is about things in orbit. According to, when you throw a ball it lands not far away. But its just a ball in orbit just very short. It also is like a space ship. If you get something bigger and with a rocket, it would work. Did you know that anything orbiting earth is considered a satellite? This also means that a ball is a satellite!


What a Smartphone Is

This paragraph is about what siri is. According to Consumer Reports, one of the reasons the iPhone is so awesome is because of it's voice-command app called Siri.  When you say, "Siri," the iPhone will say, "What do you want?"  Then you can just talk to it like a regular human, like, "Where is the nearest McDonald's?"  Siri will search the Internet and give you a map to the nearest McDonald's! I think this is cool because if I want to eat at McDonald’s, I can get their the quickest way!


This paragraph is about what is so great about Android. According to Consumer Reports, the Android is awesome because it's very sensitive.  You just barely touch the screen and it flicks.  Also it has a very good display of the screen.  It looks so real. If a screen has good display, it has good quality. My brothers always fuss about quality. I think that’s why my brother got an Android Smartphone.


Cool Apps

This paragraph is about how the smartphone can help you see the stars. According to Ashley Mitchell, there's an app called "Pocket Universe."  When you point it at the sky, it will show you where the planets and stars are!  It will give you names of constellations, like the Big Dipper.  It will also tell you when meteor showers (shooting stars) are coming, and other reports. I think this is cool because my brother has this app! If you point it up or to the right you can see all those stars off in the distance!


This paragraph is about how the smartphone can help you play guitar.  According to Ashley, Mitchell there is an app for your smartphone called "Guitar Toolkit" that can actually help you play the guitar!  It has a tuner, so you can tune-up your guitar.  It has a metronome (1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and) so you can keep the beat to the music.  And, if you forget where to put your fingers on the guitar strings, there is even a dictionary with music chords in it. I think this is cool because if I want to play guitar I can!


This paragraph is about how it can help you save money at the store. According to Ashley,Mitchell there's an app called Red Laser that will make it so your smartphone can scan barcodes.  If you're going to buy something, you can quickly scan it with your smartphone and (maybe) find it for a better price somewhere else. I think this is cool because I can get the best price




If you launched a truck into orbit, that may not be a good idea. It may be stuck in orbit for forever, and what ever is in it may not get back down. I hope you liked my report about satellites, what a smartphone is and cool apps.