Really RrokinÕ Roll Robots

By Miss Twinkie


Do you need help with your chores , homework or cleaning your room? Well then get a robotic hand and let it do all the chores and homework. It might be a little scary having a hand do all the work but itÕs really interesting. If you read this report then you will learn about robotic hands and how they can give you a hand !


What it is



This paragraph is about what problem robots solved. According to, the problem that they solved was policemen dieing and they kept getting blown up and hurt so they invented robots to do the dangerous stuff. This is really interesting because If there was a robot to help me in the stairs then I wouldnÕt get hurt in the stairs.

This paragraph is about what are robots.  According to youhonline,a robot can complete lots of things by voice or something like that. And they can be different forms Add your own flavor!





This paragraph is who invented the robotic hand.  According to ehow, the first robotic hand was made by Dr. Engelberger with his first robot in the early 1960s, but researchers are still trying to make a more human-like hand that has grip at different kind of pressures. This is cool because a robotic hand can help you with things so you donÕt get to do your homework anymore!


This paragraph is about what was the smallest robot. According to live science, the smallest robot is about width of a human hair. It is like and inchworm. You need a microxcope to see it up close to look . Share your research (in your own words). Add your own flavor!