By Roku McFly



Boom. Haaa. Got a. in this report you about rocket launchers 


Rocket Launcher


This paragraph is about how much rocket launchers cost. Military. military. The m2o3 cost 100 and it coast 200 to civilians. Man donŐt you thick that cost allot!


This paragraph is about one of the first usa rocket launcher. military. The bazooka is the common name for a man-portable rocket antitank weapon. it is called the stovepipe . The first-generation of rocket propelled anti-tank weapons. I what to see that!


This paragraph is about the first mutiy soot rocket launcher.wikipedia. The First multiple rocket launchers was made in 1409 in Korean Hwacha and the modern-day multiple rocket launcher was made in German Nebelwerfer of the 1930s.


This paragraph is about the smallest rocket launcher. Akshaya lyengar. The M2O3 chain attach to a rifle and wahses the same round soat the like the M79.