All About the amazing 3D!

By Red Rock Gymnast


Do you want to know everything about 3D? Then read my report. I can tell you when 3D was invented who invented it and much more! I will tell you the history of 3D, cool stuff about 3D and what it is and how it works! So read my report on 3D!


This paragraph is about who invented 3D.  According to the Gemini geek, William Friese Greene invented 3D in the 1890's. He made the first machine that produced the first 3D film. The first 3D film was 'The Power of Love' in 1922 at the Ambassador Hotel Theater in Los Angeles, California. The movie was produced by Harry K. Fairall and Robert F. Elder. I think this is cool because this story goes back in time and 3D seems to high tech and they didnŐt have those things back then.


This paragraph is about the first 3D camera. According to How it works, Charles Wheatstone and Fox Talbot invented the first 3D camera in 1838. I think this is cool because I didnŐt know that they even had cameras then so I like to hear about that kind of stuff!




       Cool stuff

This paragraph is how the glasses work. According to, They are like the view master they have two slightly different pictures that trick you so it looks realistic. I think this is cool because they trick your eyes. I never knew that anything could trick your eyes!


This paragraph is about who invented avatar and how much money did it raise. According to Sarah Perez, James Cameron made Avatar. It raised É$2.7bn!!!!!!! Avatar was a hit of a weird but realistic 3D movie. I think this is crazy because thatŐs a lot of money! That many people saw that WEIRD movie.


What it is and how it works

This paragraph is about how it got better. According to me, 3D got better by getting gray glasses so you can see all colors instead of just blue and red. I think this I cool because it was first, black and white normal TV then color TV then, 3D TV finally, Color 3D TV.


This paragraph is about how much a 3D TV will cost you. According to Gillian Regan, Phillips, back when they were still selling their WOWvx 3D TV series of sets, sold 3D-enabled TVs in the $3,000 to $12,000 range. One seller claims to have a Philips 42-inch one for $8,999 currently available. But Philips shut down their 3D TV operations in March, blaming the recession and consumer interest for the decision. I think this is A LOT of money to spend on a TV but I think its cool to have a TV that is 3D in your own house.



This paragraph is about how it works. According to Zachary Sniderman, The screen gets 2 pictures and put them together and when you put the glasses on it tricks your eyes but its still safe to look at. That is so cool because its like the glasses are magical and they put a spell on your eyes.


This paragraph is about if there is a 3D phone. Yes there are many the HTC EVO 3D and a couple others. The HTC EVO 3D is the most popular and the first 3D smartphone. It has a candy bar design and 5.4 touch screen. I think this is cool because its like having a portable 3D TV!


That was my fun, interesting report I hope you liked it! I think you now know everything about 3D! Now go tell your friends the history of 3D cool stuff about 3D and what 3D is and how it works!