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Ok lets get smart! J This is my report about smartphones. I have a lot of interesting facts about it. J  There is something talking about how do answer your door, without even being at your house! J

What It Is

This paragraph is about the iPhone (and whatŐs so great about it). Get their attention. Introduce main ideas. a droid x has 8 megapixles on its camera, the iphone 4 is cluely the best yet, on the iphone 4 has one of the most highest resolutions you find on any phone, and there is a front facing camera for video chat, and a gyroscope feature that responds when you move the phone in any direction. The droid x has 4.3 inch display. you rarely have  to use the zoom feature, you can even still read the tiniest words on it.


What a Smartphone Is


This paragraph is about Siri. According to Consumer Reports, One of the reasons the iPhone is so awesome is because of its voice-command app called Siri.  When you say, "Siri," the iPhone will say, "What do you want?"  Then you can just talk to it like a regular human, like, "Where is the nearest McDonald's?"  Siri will search the Internet and give you a map to the nearest McDonald's! I think this is cool because all that you have to do is remember the name Siri, and you donŐt have to have a map, or anything like that.