Rock'n Rocket Launchers

By Billy Bob Joe


If you think that MRL rocket launchers are real stand up and stick you tongue out. If you donŐt think that they are real sit down and keep your tongue inside your mouth. In this paragraph you will learn what an MRL rocket launcher is really exactly.


What It Is


This paragraph is about how often they shoot.  According to Alon Palestinian rocket and morter attacks on Israel on the Gaza Strip have occurred in 2001. Between 2001 and January 2009, over 8,600 rockets have been launched. I wish I could have one of those so I could defend myself.


This paragraph is about how they are getting better. According to Alon A rocker launcher is a primary weapon for the soldier. It fires rockets which move at a speed of around 1100 hammer units per second and the trajectory of these rockets is not affected by gravity. This is cool because I never new that they were getting better.


This paragraph is about what the most famous rocket launcher. According to Alon An MRL is a type of unguided rocket system. Like others MRL's are less acurate and have a much lower power rate of fire than batteries in a traditional artillery gun. But they have a capibility of simultaneously dropping many hundreds of kilograms of explosives. I think it is cool because I never knew that those were real!




This paragraph is about how they were made. Bazooka is the name for a man-portable recoilless rocket launcher. Invented by the U.S Army. Also called the "Stovepipe". I think this is cool because rocket launchers can be man portable!