Ok IŐd like giant cheese burgers and a fruit smothie andÉ wait, what?! Oh, ok I got to tell people about the smartphone, right! Ok, so, we are going to show you stuff like how much they cost and what is inside them and there futureÉ waitÉ, did I say future? Oh, yeah that youŐll learn in paragraph three. Oh IŐll also have a large fries andÉ wait what? Oh, ok ,Uh, umm, hmm,É. Ok have fun reading my report!



what it is



This paragraph is about how much a smartphone costs. According to Consumer Reports, the smart phone companys all sell smartphones at the same price. The smartphone cost $200 or $300 on contract. I think that is a good price for a smartphone because of all the things the smartphone can do for a person.


This paragraph is about what is inside a smartphone.

According to Consumer Reports, What is inside a smartphone is oblivios because of the privacy issue, so, what it is is an anti virus protection. I for one think that putting these inside the smartphone is realy useful and that if they worked harder they could increase the power of these things.


This paragraph is about what smartphones will do in the future. According to Consumer Reports, we canŐt tell for sure what they will do in the future, but what smart phone desiners are up to can give us a clue to what they will do in the future. I think that we canŐt exactly improve smartphones because it is extreamly hard to make a touch screen and give it the kind of advanced technology it already uses. But still, if we can improve smart phones then we are totally awesome!







Number of apps

This paragraph is about how many apps there are. According to Consumer reports, there are nearly 5,000 apps for a smartphone in the i-toons store. So it is saying that there 5,000 apps for a smartphone. I for one think that if there are already 5,000 apps for it, then how many apps will there be in the future?





Well, thatŐs my report about smartphones. ThatŐs it. I hope you learned SOMETHING about smartphones. And if you did, I hope you like it and that itŐs actually USEFUL in life. Well thatŐs it! BIE!