Night Vision

By Star Wars Master




Do you know how night vision works? Of course not so read this so you can know how far Night vision can go and other cool facts and if you like the navy then this is for you.

What it is

This paragraph is about who uses night vision the most? According to Physlink The military uses it the most but hunters that like to hunt at night use it a lot but if it is still used mostly it is used by the military on important missions that navy seals do. I think this is cool because my grandpa was in the military.


This paragraph is about how far can night vision go?

According to Jeff Tyson On a moonless night and cloudy you can see 200 yards and see it all on the night vision goggles. I think thatŐs cool because then when I am playing night games I would get my night vision and win every game I would play!



This paragraph is about how they work. According to Opticsplus Night vision can work in complete darkness with the help of an IR illuminator. But high power is not always needed. I think that is cool because it would be fun to see at night.