By gummybear 


Have you ever wondered what androids and Iphones can

do or when they were made and where. Or what apps you can download that are really fun. Well if you read my report that is what it is about J J J J J J 

What it is

This paragraph is about what smartphones can do. According to wikipedia,

Well I think that these 10 cool iphone apps can do 10 cool things like spin art you can make a master piece over and over and its for free! I think it reminds me of just painting in your house but this is way cooler and more fun.


This paragraph is about what the iphone can do Give credit. Share your research (in your own words). Add your own flavor!




This paragraph is when the first smartphone was made According to wikipedia,

The NokiaŐs smartphones started in the 9000 and was released in 1996. I think it is really cool that people were working on it for 96 years!

This paragraph is about how many places have connection, According to wikipedia,

Blackberry has connection 91 countries I think this is really cool because that is a lot of countries and if I was on a vacation and got stuck in someplace and didnŐt have connection then I would be I a lot of trouble!


Cool apps

This paragraph is about what aroid apps you can get You can do really any game the iphone can do but they are still really fun. I think it is really fun to because it has awesome games

This paragraph is about what iphone apps you can get

You can get cut the rope yoo ninja and more I like it because they are one of my favorite games.

This paragraph is about what type of apps you can get on any smartphone

You can get ten cool smartphone apps like tic -tac-toe and build a robot. That s cool because its fun at any age


I think this is a really cool report and if you didnŐt know some of these things then I guess you learned something new.