Awesome but yet not awesome but mostly awesome NIGHT VISION!

By: MR.MR.


Whizz! A bullet whizzes past your head but you cant see it so you got out your night vision goggles now you know that that was a sniper in a helicopter with a automatic snip-rifle but you cant zoom in to see who it is. In my report you will learn how they work, what it is, history, and night facts you will also learn the price range and how far it will go but you have to read my report in order to find out.

What is it?

This paragraph is about what night vision is. According to night vision was made so you can see stuff that is not visible by the human EYE.I think that this is cool because the world needs to see in the dark with night vision now we can


This paragraph is about what the “NEW” night vision series. Give credit. the new series of night vision is thOR.I think that this is waaaaaay cool because thor is my favorite super hero



This paragraph is about the price range of night vision. According to The price range is anywhere from $14 to $5,249.99. wow that’s a lot of money.