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This paragraph is about when were 3D films featured. 3D has been here for so long guess how long the 1950Ős, I think that that is along time, but it needs hardware to repair


This paragraph is about who invented 3D. The person to invent 3D is William friese green the first 3D movie was called the power of love in 1992 3D was still a exception rather then a rule

How It Works

This paragraph is about if 3D can hurt your eyes. yes for many people It does but they are trying to figure out why



This paragraph is about how they make 3D glasses. Pop out the lenses out of a pair of sun glasses then you get clear plastic and color then red and green (this is not how you make real 3D glasses sorry)



This paragraph is about how small something can get. Some people say it doesnŐt they say 3D is not supposed to work with our brains.



This paragraph is about how people think 3D is getting to big. A lot of people think 3D is getting to big to fast and they donŐt like the knew glasses they think it is getting more boring and that it is more $ then just watching a normal movie


This paragraph is about angles. To see 3D you have to have each set at a slightly different angle the brain puts two pictures together to form 3D image that has depth.



This paragraph is about a

re they dangerous. People think it is dangerous because for kids 6 and under it will put negative impact on the growth of there eyes



This paragraph is about how it works. Sir Charles described that humans perceive three dimensions form two highly similar



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