California Flag



By Bobby Jr.



In this report IÕm going to teach you about the state bird, fish, flower, rock and animal, maybe if youÕre good the hottest and lowest temperature. If you get me a Big Whopper IÕll let you read how big it is and what the land is like. If you like it read the facts and interesting places. Read this report and youÕll start reading this report dump and finish reading smart!!



Did you know what state is California?  According to Marchex California is the 31st state. It was taken place on September 9, 1850. I thought it would be the 40th or the 11th.         





Do you know the state bird, fish, flower, rock and animal of California?  According to Awesome America. The state bird is California Valley Quail. The state fish is Golden Trout. The state flower is Golden Poppy. The state rock is Serpentine. The state animal is Grizzly Bear. I thought the Grizzly Bear was AlaskaÕs state animal.

grizzly bear California Quail California Poppies




 This is where you learn about the hottest/lowest temperature. According to Wikipedia, The highest temperature in the western hemisphere 134f that was recorded on July 10, 1913. It happened in Death Valley. That is super hot; I cannot believe that is true.


How big is California?

According to Marchex Inc, It is about 163707 sq.mi. Land 155973 sq.mi. Water 7734 sq.mi. Coastline 840 mi. Shoreline 3,427 mi. That is a lot of numbers that I donÕt understand.




What is the land like California? According to Pashnit, Mount Shasta, at 14,162 feet, 4248 m is the tallest volcano in California and the second highest in America. Death Valley is known as the hottest, driest place in the United States where temperatures consistently reach over 120 F (49 C) during summer months. 14,162 feet is super, super, super, super, super high.

Mount Shasta

Famous People


Are there a lot of famous people? According to Awesome America, Dave Brubeck (musician), Julia Child (chef), Joe DiMaggio (baseball), John Fremont (explorer), Robert Frost (poet), William Randolph Hearst (publisher), Anthony Kennedy (US Supreme Court), George S. Patton (General), John Muir (naturalist), Richard Nixon (President). I did not know that Richard Nixon was a President is the 37th

Richard Nixon was the 37th President.



Simple Facts


Do you want to learn some interesting and simple facts? According to Marchex Inc, The capital city in California is Sacramento. The Mayor is Kevin Johnson. 116,121 people (24.9%) under the age of 18 52,438 people (11.2%) aged 18 to 24. That is where my uncle lives.



If youÕre cool read these cool facts. According to Cal State U, California is bigger than eighty-five of the smallest nations in the world. One out of every eight United States residents lives in California. I did not know that!!!!!!!!!!!!



If you like going places read this interesting places. According to TravBuddy. San Francisco is one of the most oldest and most beautifulest cities. It's home of the Golden Gate Bridge. Sushi is almost a staple food throughout the city. I love Sushi





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