Sanpete County

By Pink Fluffy Unicorn


       Look thereÕs Bronco Mendenhall the head BYU football coach! If you want to know where Bronco went to College in Sanpete County, then read my report! YouÕll learn about him, and other famous people from Sanpete County!!! YouÕll also learn about history from Sanpete, Famous people, and places, features, and even some cool facts! YouÕll have sooooooooooooooo much fun!!!!!!!



YouÕll be surprised  by the stuff that happened along time ago! According to Utah State, Fremont farmers dug into mounds, and found mud-walled structures and pottery, points, and metates long ago. The farmers found the mounds on their land. I think it would be so fun to dig stuff then find some treasures!


Sanpete got itÕs name byÉ youÕll find out in this paragraph.  According to Sanpete County, Sanpete County got its name from a river called San Pitch. The river got its name from a Indian tribe called San pitch. That is how Sanpete got its name. To me this is so interesting to read because I love history! When it goes back way long ago it is so cool to learn how stuff got its name!






This paragraph will knock your socks off about some famous places in Sanpete County.  According to Utah State, There are some cool places in Sanpete County. Some of them are the old school house in Spring City made in 1899. Another one is the Great Basin. Those are just some of the famous places in Sanpete County.




The famous people from Sanpete County would want you to read this!  According to Sanpete County, In Sanpete county there is a lot of famous people like Mike Lookinland-an actor in the Brady Bunch, Sam Penrod-KSL news reporter, Junior Loane-a NFL defensive tackle, Bronco Mendenhall-BYU head coach, and Kayla Barclay-2008 Miss Utah. There are so much more famous people from Sanpete county. Those are just a few. These people are people that youÕve heard about, or their jobs, IÕm sore of! They are so cool!

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 YouÕll love this city once you read my paragraph!.  According to Utah State, One of the most famous places is Manti. They have the Manti Temple. They are even close to Palisades. Manti is so fun to go to. I love Palisades! We went there with our neighbors, and our grandpa, and it was so fun! I canÕt go through the temple, but it sounds fun! I really love Manti!




This paragraph will knock your shoes off!!! According to Utah State,

Sanpete County is 1,597 miles. Sanpete County is smaller than San Juan County and Iron County. Sanpete County is bigger than Salt Lake County and Davis County. Sanpete is smaller than San Juan, but that is O.K. because Sanpete County isÉ AWESOME!!!!!


         The cities are so cool in Sanpete County.

According to, In Sanpete county the cities are Ephraim, Fairview, Fountain Green, Gunnison, Manti, Mayfield, Moroni, Mount Pleasant, Spring City, and Sterling. Those are all of the cities in Sanpete County. These cities are very cool! In fact my parents were married in the Manti Temple! Also I go through  Fairview a lot to get to my cabin! My cousinÕs nanny is from Fountain Greene!


Simple Facts


This is a paragraph youÕll love!!  According to Utah State, In Sanpete county people do agriculture (usually turkeys, sheep, beef, and dairy cattle). They also do government, and education. Some of that stuff sounds so cool! I think it is great that one of the things that they do is education. I guess thatÕs why Snow College is there!!!


The cool facts about Sanpete are in this AWESOME paragraph.  According to Utah State, The area is 1,597 miles. The county seat is Manti. Some cities are Manti, Ephraim, Mount Pleasant, and Gunnison. Some interesting places are the Manti LDS Temple, Snow College, and Fairview Museum. These places are so cool I think! Snow College is where Bronco Mendenhall went!!!! IÕve never been to the Fairview Museum, but it sounds like fun!!!


This paragraph is AWESOME!!! According to Utah State, Sanpete is beautiful. It has marvelous green valleys bordered by mountains and hills where people have gone for centuries. Just reading about this makes me want to go to Sanpete County right now! I think it is fun to read about fun places, so you can get excited to go there someday!


       Did you like it? Well if Bronco Mendenhall read it he wouldÕve loved it! Now you can say you know all about Sanpete County! I hope that you enjoyed my report, and that youÕll enjoy Sanpete County!!!