Uintah County

By Park Ranger


        “Hey! Look, there’s a dinosaur!” Well, have you ever seen a dinosaur that made you say that? If you go to Uinta County you will! In this report you will learn about: History& Features, Famous facts, and last, but not least Interesting places! Go to Uinta County today!

History & Features



Read on, to find out how Uintah County got it’s name.  According to State of Utah, Uintah got it's name from the Uinta-Ats Utes. They spell Uinta without an "h" because of natural

features. This is cool to me because it is almost like a nickname.





It is amazing how big Uintah County is.  According to State of Utah, Uintah County is 4,487 square miles. Uintah County is bigger than Dagget, Cache, and Morgan, just to name a few. Some counties that are bigger are: Box Elder, Tooele, and San Juan, Are just some of the counties. This is cool because my county’s square miles is bigger than most Counties.




Famous Facts


There are some very interesting events in Uintah County.  According to Rootsweb, In 1906, Tridell was originally called Liberty, for the LDS Church. The name of Tridell refers to the three dells with open out in the Uinta Mountains in the Uinta Valley. This is cool because there is history about the LDS church in the Uinta Mountains.



what restaurant made the most money ? Read on.  According to The trivia and quiz community, McDonald's has made the most money out of all fast food restaurants. Taco bell was very short behind. This is cool to me because some restaurants have made so much money.



Interesting Places


There are so many interesting places in Uinta County.  According to State of Utah, Some of the interesting places in Uintah County are: Dinosaur National Monument, Ouray National Wildlife Refuge, Utah Field House of Natural History in Vernal, and Steinaker Reservoirs, Just to name a few…  It is amazing that there are so many Historical places in just ONE county in the United States.


Dinosaur National Monument Is an amazing place to go.  According to Trip Advisor, In 1909, archaeologists discovered an amazing place of dinosaur bones, and they are now 150 million years old. They are now in Dinosaur National Monument. If you want to see wonderful Dinosaur Bones this is the place to go. This is cool because you can see the first things that roamed the earth in person (Of cores not alive dinosaurs).


Utah Field House of Natural History is a great place to learn.  According to Utah.com, Utah Field House Of Natural History Museum, has lots of dinosaur fossils. This Museum is one of the best museums for seeing facts about dinosaurs. There are lots of Replicas and educational displays of dinosaurs. It is a great place to go because there are so many cool things about dinosaurs!


If you want to have a active vacation, Steinaker State Park is a great place to go. According to Utah DNR, In Steinaker State Park, You can enjoy lots of water activities. You can Swim, Go boating, and even go camping! It is a great place to go because you can adventure many new things and have a great experience!  




Ouray National Wildlife Refuge is an amazing place to go.  According to Recreation.gov, Ouray National Wildlife Refuge is in the desert area of northeastern Utah.

The Green River brings water, from the mountains of Wyoming and into the Refuge. It attracts birds to this place. The Refuge is 11,987 acres, including 3,800 acres of leased property from Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservations in Utah. This is so cool to me because it has so much land to do so many active things.


The Uintah Mountains are so amazing.  According to Utah.com, The Uintah Mountains are in the northeastern Utah, and is known for fishing, Hiking, backpacking, horse packing, hunting, and other outdoor activities. Most of the property is roadless, and wilderness. This is cool because there is a great place to have such active activities just in Uinta County.