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I like sunchips and books and nyan cat and chorus and music and the piano and doughnuts and unicorns and root beer freezes and...UNICORN TREATS!!. My name is Logan and I am a sofisticated unicorn that can go on the internet because I am awesome and I have a mac book air. My owner is The unicorn owner. I live in her backyard and she takes me to walmart.

I think that I should have a roller coaster in my backyard. It would be really fun and I would stop eating her shoes.

My friend named Mojo, the narwhal, her cat named Dog is fighting an evil cow. I need some popcorn!

One day I was eating one of the unicorn owner's slippers when...

1. a giant pudding attack 2. a fire breathing donut 3.a giant ice cube threatening to freeze the earth. You get to choose!

I knew I had to save the earth. So I used my magic rainbow unicorn powers to stop it. Then I put it in my unicorn jail and saved the world!

Dog always eats my unicorn treats! I am sick of it! But in the end, we always play 'save the world'. Dog always ends up in jail. But Dog is my friend, and he is a good cat.

One day, while playing 'save the world' with Dog, Mojo, and the unicorn owner, a magical olive appeared. He said that if we didn't go trick or treating tonight, he would eat all of my unicorn treats!

So, that night, Dog dressed up as a cat, Mojo dressed up as a narwhal, the unicorn owner dressed up as an unicorn owner.

When we went trick or treating, nobody had any candy, so the magical olive ate all of my treats! But then the unicorn owner took me to walmart to get a whole gallon of treats!
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I love my chorus! It is all made up of unicorns and we are called the golden horns! We are the best choir in the World! Our director is the unicorn owner and our pianist is dog the cat.

Besides Unicorn Treats, the best treats are SUNCHIPS!!!! They are the best in the world! Especially the cheese ones. They are so good! I eat them everyday after choir practice.

I have a rainbow mane and tail. But I'm a little disappionted that I don't have a rainbow unicorn horn!:'( Oh well. Here is a picture of that.

I know, I look like a movie star! Here is a pic of Mojo

This is a image of Dog

I'm sorry, but I don't have a picture of the unicorn owner. She hates getting her picture taken! But instead, I drew a picture for you!

For some reason, dog thinks that he can eat me! That cat has an active imagination.

Recently, I have discovered that I have a long lost twin! His name is Billand he is also a unicorn. He likes Pringles! and also likes POPTROPICA!! We found her in the back of Krispy Kreme eating donuts out of the garbage can. It was filled with donuts and sprinkles. So we took her home and ate some donuts.

Sand is sick. He ate too much donuts .

When we found Bill, he was with a hedgehog and a goat. They're names are Sand and Water!

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I like pikachu. Here is a picture of Pikachu with a moustache. He is drinking tea.

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Today Water and Sand had a big announcement. They told us that they were spies in training! Wow!! I would've never guessed it. They told us that we have to set up special equitment for there training. They are on level 1. Here is a picture of them.

After they told us that they were spies, we had to set up their equitment. But there was a TON of stuff!

Tomorrow, I'm going to teach dog new tricks. Wish me luck!

Febuary 29, 1956

Today I tried to teach dog some tricks. First we worked on sitting. Dog has a really bad habit if standing up. It is a very rare condition. He rarely sits down! We worked on it for hours! I gave him a whole gallon of unicorn treats but he just wouldn't sit down!

Next we worked on playing fetch. The frisbee kept falling out of his mouth! Then we tried throwing a ball, but he would just kick it back over the fence! I had to go into the neighbors yard 20 times!

After that, we worked on playing dead. Every time he rolled over, her would squirm like a worm and roll back over onto his belly. At least he knows how to roll over.

Finally, after 8 hours of tricks, we finally found something that he was good at. He was good at Gymastics! He knew how to do cartwheels and stuff like that. FINALLY! He might be in the Olympics someday!

Febuary 30, 1973

Guess what? Today's my birthday!!! If your wondering what my parents look like, don't ask. I don't know who my birthparents are. The unicorn owner found me when I was only a few days old in the sand dunes. Anyway, today started out when I woke up and 20 bags of sunchips were laying at the foot of my bed.

Then I walked into her house.( The unicorn owner hates it when I walk into her house. She only allows it on my birthday.) Then she made me unicorn treat pancakes!

Then I got to open some of my presents. The first present was from the unicorn owner. She got me some sunchips and a membership card to poptropica! Next was dog. He got me a gallon of unicorn treats. I ate them all in one minute.

The next present was from dog the cat. He gave me some rubber slippers so that I would stop eating the unicorn owners shoes. Then the unicorn owner was sick of me being in her house so she took me into the backyard. She told me to close my eyes. When we were in the backyard, she told me to open my eyes. When I opened my eyes, in front of me was the most awesomest thing in the world!!!!!! In front of me was a...

ROLLER COASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so excited! A roller coaster! WOW! It was shiny and red. It had 7 seats and they are blue. It was the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen.

I was the first to ride it. It has a loop and a lot of dips. It is over 50 feet tall and it goes 100 miles per hour! Here is a picture of it.

Cool, isn't it? It was a little gross, though. Dog's face was green after riding it 5 times. It wasn't the best sight. After riding it for 4 hours, it was time for Bill to open his presents. The unicorn owner gave him a dozen donuts and a root beer freeze. Lucky! Then Dog gave him a t-shirt with a unicorn on it. Next I gave him a poptropica membership card like me! Then Water and Sand both gave him a grappling hook that they used for spy training camp. Then we had cake. It had a rainbow on it, unitl I ate it. It was chocolate and super good.

After that we played party games. Dog said that we should play "pin the tail on the unicorn. Bill and I thought that he wasn't funny. We decided to play "save the world." Water was the evil scientist planning to take over the world with his freeze gun. So Sand and Dog snuck into his lab and disabled the freeze ray. I was Water's sidekick. Bill was the police. So Sand and Dog saved the world, and Water was put in jail.

I am really mad at Mojo. He didn't come to my birthday party! He decided to go with his mermaid friends to Lagoon. He will never go on my roller coaster! But he'll probably go on it while I'm at Macey's. Then, a miracle happened. The unicorn owner let me have a sleepover in the house!! She let Dog, Sand, Water, Bill, and Mojo come over.(After he came back from Lagoon.)

For dinner, we had sunchips and unicorn treat meat pies. Then for dessert we had root beer freezes! Yum! Then we went into the living room with our pillows, blankets, and a movie. We built a really cool fort and watched Logan: A Life Mojo fell asleep during the movie. I was pretty tired myself. Water and Sand wanted to play Monopoly. So we played Monopoly. I was the thimble. I collected the most money and won. It was 1 in the morning when I went to bed. I was so tired!!!!

Dog thought it was funny to wake me up at 6 and go for a walk. That cat. Then we ate leftover unicorn treat pancakes and the unicorn owner kicked us out of the house. Then everyone went home. I was so cranky and tired from last night that I didn't even want to ride my roller coaster. So I slept the whole day! The unicorn owner woke me up at 2 o'clock and asked me if I wanted to go to walmart. I felt a little bad, because then I kicked her.