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Hello, World!

My dog is a weiner dog and she can do flips and she can sing Selena Gomez and Taylor SWIFT!
She's an amazing dog!!
She can do everything...and then I wake up and my dog isn't there.
Because it was a DREAM!!!!!
And I cry. It's sad and it's really heartbreaking! My dog my DREAMS...he was purple and he danced the disco :*( I have so many memories of him dancing in the pile of dirt...Ok...that's all.

I like cookies they are good i don't like sprinkles i am scared of _______. If you know what i'm scared're a creeper...but you can try to guess you will never answer right.
I'm also scared of ______. They're creepy and small and they're MIDGETS!! I'm scared of them...ok yeah that's all.
I like ICECREAM and i like COOKIES. I'm not obsessed with them like SOME people...yeah i'm LOOKINGATYOU!!!! No...i'm not that would be SCARY...Ok bye then hee hee hee. Some people are _______________________________...try to guess the guys name and you are AWESOME AND AMAZING!!!!!
I RULE!!!!! Anyone who says otherwise...i know were you're kitchen knives are...>:O No, I don't...that would be really scary!!! Um...yeah! So...WHYAREYOUSTILLHEREIDON'TKNOWYOUGOAWAYYYYYYY!!!! Hee hee just kidding
If you can read this you are an amazing person and you know how was going to write KADEN!!!!!! He's an evil leprachaun...
that was random. Ok BYE!!!!!!! -Aliah (the most awesome)

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