Cache County!

By The fourth amigo


@re you bored? Sitting on the co@ch @ll d@y getting f@t, @nd l@zy. C@che is one W@RM County! The lowest temperature C@che h@s gotten is 69.3 f. Th@t is super HOT!   Well you’re in luck, bec@use C@che County is @ gre@t pl@ce to be. I am going to tell you @ little bit @bout C@che County. I will be telling you @bout the history, the fe@tures, @nd f@mous things @nd people.                So re@d my report!



This paragraph is about how big cache county is.  According to: IloveHistory, Cache is 1,171 square miles long. It is a lot smaller than Tooele, and much bigger than Weber.


This paragraph is about the language they use.  According to I Love History, The word Cache came from the French language that it was named after ‘‘cacher’’. I’ve always wanted to speak French. Uno dose trease… I am all ready started.






This paragraph is about where it got its name.  According to I Love History Cache got its name from  "To hide."  Early keepers used to hide their valuables in. I would hate to hide in a box all day that is just painful.


This paragraph is about the lowest degree.  According to ILoveHistory, The lowest Temperature in Cache was 69.3 degreese. That is pretty warm. That is really warm compared to Utah in the winter.






This paragraph is about famous places in Cache County.  According to: I Love History, People like to visit the temples and the Parks and the Skiing areas and the tabernacle and the schools. Wow that is some place. I wish I could go there.





You just learned a lot about Cache County. You learned the History famous things and people, and the features of Cache County. Goodbye T.V. Hello Cache County!