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Do you want to do a sport? Then tumble! It is so fun! It is a sport that a boy or a girl can do. It builds confidence, friendships, strength and lots more.

What is tumbling? Tumbling is a sport that is similar to gymnastics. The tumbling events are the floor, double mini trampoline, and the trampoline. They start at a lower level starting at cartwheels and handstands. When you devolope you start doing twisting skills, doubles, and more difficult skills.

Why tumble? Because it is just plain plain fun!! It also builds strength, confidence, friendships, courage. Tumbling brings out the best of you. That is why I love it so much. I don't know what I would do without it. I have built so many friendships with my team. They are my bestfriends. I love being with them. Practice brings out the best of us!

My tumbling experience: I started to do gymnastics when I was about 4. I did gymnastics at Arete. I didn't like the beams or the bars. My mom said if you like the floor, you should do the tumbling classes. I decided I would try it. I LOVED it! My coach's name was Krista. I did it for a year or two, then my coach and some of my team moved gyms. She moved to High Altitude. High Altitude was in Provo. My mom didn't want to drive so far. She made me stay at Arete for about 4 months. Then she FINALLY agreed to let me go to High Altitude. There I met Georgia and Colbie. They were going to be my coaches. There I also met my team. It was a little small but it got so much bigger. I have so many people on my team I can't name all of them! I love tumbling and I wouldn't trade it for anything!! When I do new skills, I know it is scary but you need to think.... Forget the risk and take the fall, if it's what you want then it's worth it all!