Piute County

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This paragraph is about when Piute County was discovered. According to State of Utah, Part of Beaver County got splited in to Piute County. It was split of in 1865.  Most of the population is concentrated in the Sevier River Valley. Wooooow, thatÕs cool how it got splited from Beaver County.


       Want some gold? To late, but you could still read it. Between 1868 and 1959, Piute County produced about 240,000 ounces of gold. The gold came mostly from the lode mines in the Tushar Range in the western part of the county. Placer gold was originally discovered in Piute County in Pine Gulch Creek, south of Maryvale in 1868. I wish I had some gold, but oh well thatÕs cool.


You will be amazed how Piute County got its name. According to State of Utah, Piute got its name after the Paiute Indians. This other county called Box Elder had lots of Box Elder Trees there so it was named Box Elder. Also Washington was named after President George Washington. I think itÕs cool because it is named after something or by what it has.




How big do you think Piute County is, if you want to know, read on. According to State of Utah, Piute County is 754 square miles. 8 square miles is the water Piute is one of the smallest Counties in Utah. Most of the Utah Counties are bigger. Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Rich, Cache, Morgan, Daggett are kind of small like Piute too. I think itÕs cool how Piute is one of the smallest counties.


Do you know where Piute County is located? You better find out. According to copyright, Piute County is located in the central southern portion of the state and at present is one of the smallest in both area and population of Utah's twenty-nine counties. Its area is largely covered with mountains. Wooooow thatÕs cool it has a population of UtahÕs twenty-nine counties.




This paragraph is about a famous people in Piute County.  According to WK (http://ilovehistory.utah.gov/ place/É) One of the famous persons are Butch Cassidy. He was born April 15, 1866 in Beaver, Utah. He was raised by Mormon Pioneer parents. He moved to Piute County Courthouse in 1879 at the age of 13. He met a man who taught him how to steal cattle. Also another famous person is Marie Bertelsen. Marie Bertelsen was born in Maryvale, a Days of Ō47queen. She was born on December 11, 1922. She went on to a star in 150 movies as Marie Windsor. ThatÕs soooooooooo cool.