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       (GASP!) Those are beautiful! If you want to know what’s really beautiful in the winter you will want to read this report. Have you ever wanted to learn about a county in Utah? Then you should read my report about Salt Lake County. In this report you will learn about the awesome history, interesting features, famous things, and cool facts of Salt Lake County.



You should learn how Salt Lake got its name.  According to State of Utah, It got its name for the Great Salt Lake. The Great Salt Lake is right next to Salt Lake County. The Great Salt Lake got it's name because it's a very salty Lake.  I think it is cool that it was named after a lake.


The population is very interesting.  According to State of Utah, In 2011 Salt Lake County had about 1,048,985 people. In 2010 Salt Lake had about 1,029,655 people. Each year there are more people. A lot of people go to Salt Lake each Year. I think it is cool that so many people like Salt Lake.


Do you want to know something that happened along time ago?  According to State of Utah, Something that happened a long time is that the first Mormon wagon train arrived. Another thing that happened is that 17-year-old Mary Jane Dilworth opened the first school in her tent. I think this is cool because,  they didn’t have any schools so she made her tent a school.




This paragraph about the land features will amaze you. According to State of Utah. The Salt Lake Valley lies between the Wasatch mountains on the east, and the Oquirrh mountains on the west. There used to be a lot of grass in the valley. The Salt Lake is right next to Salt Lake County.


The size of Salt Lake is awesome.  According to State of Utah, Salt Lake County is 764 square miles. I would say this is a small county. For example Davis and Weber are also small counties. San Juan, Box Elder, and Emery are big counties. Utah is a medium County. I think this is cool because everybody is a different size just like the counties are different sizes.






This paragraph is famous just like the people in it.  According to Marchex Inc, A couple of famous actors and actresses in Salt Lake are Loretta Young, Robert Walker, and Maude Adams. Some more famous people are Lee Greene Richards a painter and Frank Borzage a film director.


This paragraph is about one beautiful famous place in Salt Lake is cool.  According to unknown, one famous place in Salt Lake County is Temple Square. Many people go there to see the beautiful temple. At Christmas time people go there to see the lights. People also like to see the statue of Christ in the north visitor center. I think this is cool because it took 40 years to build the temple and people still love to go to it.

Cool Facts


It will amaze what people do there.  According to Unknown There are many things people like to do in Salt Lake. People like to go shopping in Salt Lake and they also like to go to Temple Square. A lot of people work in Salt Lake. Another thing people like to do is go to museums. I think it is cool that everybody is busy like busy bees and Utah is the beehive state.  


You should learn some cool facts of Salt Lake.  According to State of Utah, Some interesting facts about Salt Lake County are Pollution in Salt Lake City was so bad in the early 20th century that the city created a Smoke Department to strictly control polluters. A huge copper pit mine “ate” the town of Bingham in the early 1970s. In 1983 City Creek flooded and State Street became a temporary river. Salt Lake hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 2002.


This paragraph is interesting and is about interesting places.  According to State of Utah, There are many famous places in Salt Lake County Utah some of them are State Capitol, Temple Square, Beehive House, This is the Place Heritage Park, Cathedral of the Madeleine, Utah Museum of Natural History, Fort Douglas, Hogle Zoo, and many more. I think it is cool that there are many fun things to do in Salt Lake it is almost like an amusement park.



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