Grand county and  Utah county

By Rachel Elizibeth dare


Get their attention. Introduce main ideas.



This paragraph is about how utah county got its name  According to Utah got its name from the Ute Indians. Its not like Weber. 


This paragraph is about the oldest thing in grand county.  According to  



Simple facts


This paragraph is about some cool facts in grand county.  According to state of Utah there was a goat man that lived in the Colorado river near Moab. There as a war that was agenst the Utes that lived there won a battle but not the war. It was cool because they deserved it.


This paragraph is about some other cool facts.  According to state of utah the mormans tried to settle there. But they didnÕt succseed at first. It was built in 1916 to span. It was the second longest suspention brige. It looks really cool from the  picture. 


This paragraph is about How big grand county is.  According to state of Utah grand county is 3,689 square miles. It is bigger than san Pete and Piute. It is smaller than Tooele and San Juan. I think every county has one bigger than it and smaller    one than it. 


Interesting Things


This paragraph is about Sundance.  According to there is this place called Sundance ski resort. You can ski there. But you can also snowbord and sleigh. you can eat at a cafˇ too. I so want too go there but IÕve never gone skiing before. So I donÕt know how. And my mom and dad  arenÕt doing  any family stuff


This paragraph is about the Stagecoach Inn State Park.  According to AuthorOrCompany, ThisIsWhereYouCopyAndPasteYourNoteCard NowAddFlavor.





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