Missouri is Crazy

St. Louis arch


By CatapultLaunchSlime.com


BOOM! This isnÕt about catapults and slim balls but its cooler. This is about Missouri. Missouri sounds boring but it is an interesting state. It has St.Louis arch. It is super cool. So sit down and read but give me $50 first or its federal crime.



This is something that happened the show me state long ago.  According to Google Maps, St.Louis arch was built a while ago. That isnÕt as old as earth or the discovery of Missouri, But it happened a while ago. St.Louis arch is a big metal man made arch. I think the arch is cool, because not a lot of people know that the arch is in Missouri, they think it is in Seattle. There is also Porter Rockwell, Jesse James, and more people that did something big back then.


This is how Indians made the state name.  According to members.socket.net, they got the name from some Indians that lived in Illinois. That is very interesting because they should have named them after the Indians in their state.




This paragraph tells about the shape of the land. According to https://maps.google.com/, It vaery's from planes to mountain to big streams. Compared to Utah it has barely any mountains. MO has tons of multiple landforms. That is cool because it has a lot of different landforms.


This paragraph is about how big it is.  According to 2013 Marchex, Inc, 69709 sq.mi. 21st out of the 50 that is how big Missouri is. Compared to Colorado it is very small. This state compared to Washington. I think this is cool because that is a big patch of land.



This is about some very interesting places.  According to Usparks.about.com, there a ton of national parks Missouri, Like WilsonÕs Creek National Battle field, thereÕs George Washington Catver National Monument, Harry S Truman National Historic Site. Those are some interesting places. I think that is cool because a lot people donÕt know that there is that many national parks in America.


This is about some more crazy interesting places.  According to 2013, Squidoo, LLC, There is St. Louis that is very popular. It is almost like a salt lake city but in Missouri. There is Ozark national Scenic river way. I think this is very cool.

Simple Facts


This paragraph is about some fast facts.  According to, http://www.50states.com/facts/mo.htm - .UOc2Bonjk1c Missouri is known as the show me state. The first successful parachute jump from a moving plane was here in 1912. At St. Louis worlds fair Richard Blechyden invented iced tea. These are some interesting facts about Missouri. I think this is cool because itÕs interesting.


This paragraph is about super

Fast facts.  According to, http://bensguide.gpo.gov/3-5/state/missouri.html the capital of the state is Jefferson City. The Biggest state is St. Louis. That is cool facts. That was a interesting fact.



 This wasnÕt slime balls again but was it better. You still owe me $50. You can give me more if youÕd like to.