By The Happy Panda


Hey you, yes you can you drive me to Salt Lake County. I have heard they have an awesome mall. If you want to learn more about the awesome mall then you need to read my report on salt lake county. You can learn about the amazing history, and other awesome things like feature and famous places.




YouÕll be surprised how Salt Lake got its name.  According to state of Utah, It got its name from the Great Salt Lake.  That's better than Box Elder who got its name from the trees. ThatÕs a cool name, thatÕs what I would name it. The lake is great.



Something really cool happened long ago.  According to state of Utah, The pioneers settled in Salt Lake County long ago. They named it the Great Salt Lake. That was long time ago. IÕm glad IÕm not a little pioneer girl, because they didnÕt have video games. They had to do lots of chores.





Salt Lake County is big. According to State of Utah, Salt Lake County is   764 square miles.  It's way smaller than Cache County that is 1,171. I never new Salt Lake County was so small! Cache County is kind of bigger than Salt Lake County.


This paragraph is about if itÕs mostly hot or cold. According to State of Utah, it's mostly warm but in December, January, and February. It's cold in those months there is a lot of snow. In the other months itÕs hot or warm. Salt lake is great because it is warm and cold! Salt lake weather is amazing.



Famous Places


This paragraph is about famous places in salt Lake.  According to State of Utah, Temple Square is UtahÕs most popular tourist destination there are many pretty rooms that they show you. Temple Square was built in 1877. Temple square is amazing. You should go there some day. And I should too.



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