Rich County

By The Beginning


Liar!  Liar!  Pants on fire! If you want to know the real lie, read this report.  This report will blow your mind about Rich County. Rich County is very amazing. You will learn about history, features, and cool facts.


If you read this you, you should be a boy because its something that was bad long ago. If you touched a ladies waist would be ungentlemanly. Also if you put the lady close to you, you would also be ungentlemanly. I'm lucky I didn't live back then. We still have rules though.


Rich County is very famous because of Bear Lake. Some people say lets go to Bear Lake instead of lets go to Rich County. The county, Rich used to be called Richfield. Charles C. Rich a Mormon apostle named it. So I think it is pretty Ahead viewpeaceful. I want to go there some day. The name reminds when I thought my family was rich.


What did happen long ago? What happened long ago is no longer a question; it is about to be told. When the settlerÕs congress passed the Homestead Act of 1862, Brigham Young wanted Mormons to get control of the land before non- Mormons did.




 Rich isnÕt very big compared to Garfield County. Rich is 1,034 square miles. For example Utah, Garfield, and Tooele are bigger.  But Weber, Piute, and Davis is littler. I think it is awesome because IÕm like how big I am because IÕm the middle in my family.


The land is very pretty, but very old. Rich County is 18 miles wide and 56 miles long. Bear Lake Valley lies between mountain ranges. The lake is 18 miles long, 7 miles wide, and 200 feet deep. Ahead view


These places will blow your mind. Some interesting places are Bear Lake, State park Rendezvous Beach State Park, Ahead viewand Randolph LDS Tabernacle.


Cool Facts


Cool facts are cool dude. Someone named Joseph Rich began publicizing the lie of the Bear Lake monster in 1868. The LDS church caught and lost enormous trout near Randolph.


Kids are very awesome because they play. Kids play in there houses or swim in Bear Lake. I want to go there because it would be fun. You should go with your family. Rich County is very fun to live in.


People are famous for finding famous places. Charles C. Rich discovered Rich County. He even named it! Rich is very famous because of Bear Lake, Lake town, and Garden City. My dad use to go to Bear Lake to do flips off rocks.


People farm and do stuff. People farm fields and livestock they also do a lot of hard work while they harvest food for there people. People like to work in fields because they know there helping



ThatÕs why you wanted to read about Rich CountyJ