Salt Lake City

By Your Fake BOB


This report is about  salt lake city and it will blow your mind. This report is also about history  with awesome features. And it also has lots of fun and really fun places. And awesome conclusions.



This paragraph is about  Where did it get its name  According to state of utah one of the most famous jobs is a docters. And artist. And lots of janitors.


This paragraph is about What is the land like  According to state of utah And long ago there was l

ots of dinisours. And trees. And most of it was





This paragraph is about How big is it According to state of Utah, Salt Lake County is 764 square miles. It is bigger then Weber or Daget.  But is smaller than most of the other ones.


This paragraph is about what are some cool facts about it.  According state of Utah One cool thing about it is because it was named after one of the biggest lakes in the world. And cool thing it also has lots of fun places there. Over one thousand people lived there.



I think salt lake is cool because it has lots of fun stuff to do there.