Morgan County, Utah

By Mrs. Ducksworth


Ouch!!! I stubbed my toe on a rock! IÕm in Morgan County Utah. It is the smallest county on the map. In this report you will learn about the History, simple facts, and interesting places.



You will be surprised to know how Morgan County, Utah got its name. According to Utah State, Morgan County Utah got its name from a LDS leader named Jedediah Morgan Grant. I love his name!



ItÕs amazing to know what the Fremont culture did long ago. According to Utah Gov. Services, The Morgan County is rich in timber,(trees to cut down) fish , deer , elk , birds ,and more, offered many resources for humans. The Desert Arctic (really , really, really ,really old) culture and later Fremont culture probably lived on or traveled through the lands that later became Morgan County . I personally think this is cool because I think the Fremont Culture is cool.

File:Petroglyph jqjacobs.jpg


This paragraph is about what language did they speak long ago.  According to I love, Around A.D. 1100, people who spoke a really old language began to enter Utah . When settlers entered Utah, Utes and Shoshone people passed through and camped in the valleys and along the rivers. They often camped in a meadow near the confluence of Peterson Creek and the Weber River. Settlers called the area ÒWickiupÓ because of the dwellings here. To me this is cool because of the language.


Simple Facts


This paragraph is about what the people did there.  According to Utah Gov. services, Compared to Salt Lake, ( they do a lot of things there.) Morgan County Mostly raise cows, (sometimes to eat) they also raise horses and other livestock. Also they build things such as houses, barns, stables, and so on. That is the type of things people do in Morgan County , Utah .this is cool to me because I wish I could live in Morgan County and do the things they do.



This paragraph is about how big Morgan County is. According to Utah Gov. Services, Morgan County is 603 square miles. It is smaller then San Juan and Box Elder. Morgan County is the smallest County in the map. I think this is cool because it is so tiny.

This paragraph is about what the land is like there.  According to UEN, Morgan County is divided by the steep and rocky Weber Canyon, now the route of Interstate 84. Fifteen major streams empty into the Weber, so the county is well watered. In these high valleys and mountainous grasses, sagebrush, brush and small trees, and conifers grow. This is cool to me because the grass is so so beautiful.

Interesting Places

This paragraph is about what Hastings Cutoff is. According to Wikipedia, One of the famous places in Morgan County Utah is Hastings Cutoff. In 1845, Hastings Cutoff was found by a guide called The Emigrant's Guide to Oregon and California. Hastings Cutoff was an alternate route for emigrants to cross. The Cutoff left the Oregon Trail at Fort Bridger. I think this is cool because it is the place the EmigrantÕs crossed.


This paragraph is about what Weber Canyon is.  According to, UEN one of the places in Morgan is Weber Canyon. It is a fascinating place in Morgan. It is very beautiful. I think this is cool because it is so beautiful.



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