Best Beaver County, Utah Report Ever

By Batman


Hey you yeah you come over here if you want to read about Beaver County, Utah if not well then donÕt ok you do?! Then ok in this you wonÕt read about beavers but thatÕs how they got their name do if you want to read more please do. Oh I got to go the Bat signal so please read this and bye



This paragraph is about where Beaver County got its name.  According to, Beaver County, Utah got its name from the Beaver River, so called because of the many beavers once found there. Just wow that many beavers is insane.


This paragraph is about something that happened long ago in Beaver County.  According to, some historical places in Beaver County, Utah are. Fort Cameron. In 1883 the army abandoned the fort. And made something called Murdock Academy there. I really liked Fort Cameron because my older brothers name is Cameron.


This paragraph is about some of its prehistory. According to, Ok this is really going to make no sense at all apparently in the past this some kind of thing was found called a cultural site and in historical times the areas were located near the Southern Paiutes. This to me made no sense at all but maybe to you it might.




This paragraph is about how big Beaver County is.  According to, Beaver County, Utah is 2,586 square miles and it is pretty big. And remember 2,586 square miles don't forget that big number. And the population is 6,594. That is gigantic I mean all out huge.


This paragraph is about what the land is like in Beaver County.  According to, the land in Beaver County, Utah is well it goes a little like this. Something called the Tushar Range marks the eastern boundary of Beaver County. Witch to me makes no sense but I still have to right about it so that was what the land is kind of like. This just made no sense to me.


This paragraph is also about what the land is like in Beaver County.  According to, and also allot of their land there is mountainous and rocky and I put this entire thing here because there was no room on the last one. And that sounds awesome to me cause I like to hike with my family and that place is great for hiking.




In this youÕll be blown away by all their interesting places they have.  According to, one of there interesting places is Mount Holly ski area, Beaver City historic homes, and Frisco ghost town. Wow these places sound like they are nice. By far I would choose Mount Holly ski area cause I ski allot.


This paragraph is about some of there famous cities.  According to, Beaver County has only two really bigger cities so here they are. The first one is Milford yeah its just plain Milford and it looks pretty average sized maybe a little smaller than normal but its still really nice. Milford in Google Maps looks pretty nice sized to me but to others it might look small.


This paragraph is also about what are some of the famous cities.  According to, Next city is Minersville witch is pretty self explanatory I mean Minersville what did you expect the statue of liberty? And wow a whole city that mines that sounds cool.



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