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Porcupines are awesome!
Porcupines, instead of fur they have somthing called quills. They are like little spikes on there body. Also porcupines have tiny tails that they can swing around. Somtimes porcupines can have 30,000 quils. Somtimes the common porcupine is also called the North American porcupine. If you don't like porcupines I don't like you. I don't know why I'm absesed about porcupines. Also somtimes if you live near porcupines and if you put out salt cubes they'll come and lick it.

I love french fries!

I like Wendy's french fries the best.Also I like their spicy chicken nuggets. Also at some Wendys there is a soda fountain that you just touch to get the drink.Their ice cream is also really good. I like their chocolate frosty better than the vanilla. But Mc donald's have the best chicken nuggets.

You are awesome for coming to my page!

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