New York New York!!!!

By Scotty McCreery


Hi!!! If I said, IÕll give you a dollar if you know about Hanama Bay, most of you would just stare at me.  If I said IÕd give you a dollar if you know about the Statue of Liberty, almost everyone would scream, ÒI know! I know!Ó This report is going to be about the amazing stateÉ New York!!!! It is going to tell you about the interesting History, the colorful Features, awesome Famous anything, amazing Cool Facts, and breath taking Famous Places to visit!!!! You are definitely going to love this report, you get to learn about New York, and itÕs history. If you absolutely love New York you will absolutely love this report!!! Now have fun reading my report and taking a step back in time!!!!


This smelling paragraph is about state flower of New York.  According to Marchex, Inc, The state flower is the rose. It has a large variety of colors and it was made the state flower in 1955. I think is cool because I see roses all around, so it is cool to know that New YorkÕs state flower is the rose with its beauty.



This paragraph is about the heartbreaking scene that happened a long time ago in New York.  According to, The Twin Towers also known as the World Class Trade Center was attacked by two jets on the date 9/12/01. Both of the towers were attacked and came to ashes. It was like the worst blizzard ever but with ash, glass, and smoke. When the towers collapsed it killed hundreds and hundreds of beloved people. The smoke ran throughout the city like a big cloud of well smoke. The Twin Towers were buildings that many people worked in, so most of them died and many very badly injured. That day, no one will ever forget, because that is the day when the Twin Towers went to shreds and ashes, and when hundreds of thousands of people died, people that had families too. I think this is amazing but sad because it is memorable to a lot of people and it is the day when about a thousand people died of different causes.




Do you know what the hottest temperature in New York ever was??? Read to find out, and it will make you sweating with delight!!!  According to Yahoo, Inc, The hottest temperature that New York ever had was 106 degrees! Which happened on a hot summer day in 1936. Even the summer of 1936 was the hottest in the history of the United States. 1936 was a very hot year, and New York came to 106 degrees. I think this is cool because then we know when and what the next highest temperature will be, and you know how high it can get.






This paragraph is one you want to read because then you will know how big New York is.  According to Marchex, Inc, The area of New York is 54475 sq.mi, wow that isnÕt a lot. The area of the land is 47224 sq.mi 30th, taking up most of the space.  Then the area of the water there is 7251 sq.mi. 8th. The area of the coastline is 127 mi., 14th. The area of the shoreline is 1,850 mi., 13th. Then the area of the Great Lakes are 3,901 sq.mi., 3rd. And then that all adds up to the whole area of New York which is 54475 sq.mi. And it is littler than Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming and much more states because those states are bigger than New York. I think this is cool because New York sounds like it is big, but it is really small compared to a lot of states.





Read this paragraph for evidence that very famous people lived or are living in New York.  According to Pearson Education, Some famous people that lived in New York were Tom Cruise, which was a famous actor. Another famous person is Michael Jordan, which was a famous basketball player. Another person was Rockwell Kent, which was a popular painter. I think this is cool because now I know how cool New York was that those famous people would stay there and live there.



Cool Facts


If you donÕt know what the amazing nickname is for New York, you got to READ.  According to Marchex, Inc, The nickname for New York is Empire State. It is named that because of the national and global significance of the tower in New York. That is New YorkÕs nickname. I think this is cool because the Empire State building is in New York, so that is really cool.


If you are planning a trip to New York than put these cool places on your list of where you are going to go.  According to City Pass, Inc, You can visit the Empire state building. But no visit to New York will be complete without going to see this magnificent buildingÉ The Statue of Liberty!! It is a great symbol of freedom, and its beauty attracts many people. Ellis Island Immigration Museum is great for people who want to learn about the immigrants that came to America. There is much more. I think this is way cool because IÕve heard a lot about the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.




This is a cool paragraph on what people do in New York.  According to City Pass, Inc, There is a lot of things to do in New York. You could go to the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building is probably the most famous office building in the world. Another popular thing to do is go to see the Statue of Liberty. It symbolizes freedom. Another place is Ellis Island Immigration Museum. It is where the immigrants came to America to prove that they are good enough to be an American. I think this is cool because I have been to these places before.



Famous Places


If you donÕt know some of the famous places to visit in New York, you will be missing out, so read on to not miss out.  According to city pass, Inc, The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom. The Statue of Liberty has a been famous with it's beauty and other stuff ever since France gave it to the Americans. France gave it to America. The Statue of Liberty has been in New York Harbor since 1886. The Statue of Liberty holds a torch with her hand while holding some kind of book thing in the other arm. I think this is cool because I have been to see the Statue of Liberty so I know that it is a famous sight to see.



Read more to learn more about some of the famous places in New York.  According to City pass, Inc, Ellis Island is an immigration island or museum. The reason you will want to see it is because it's where all the immigrants came from all the foreign countries.  They worked hard to prove themselves to the Americans. I think this is cool because I now know where the immigrants came to America to prove that they can be a true American.




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