The Diamond State

By yo mustache


Have you wanted to know about a state that youŐve never been??? Or about somewhere you want to go?? Then keep on reading.. keep on reading.. get itÉ off of nemoÉ?? Ok now just keep reading. I am going to tell u about the history and features.




Lalalalalalala!!!! Hey like music.. Then listen. According to marchex, they do!!!!  It is called our Delaware. I will tell you the first partÉ oh the hills of dear new castle, and the smiling vales between, When the corn is all in tale, and the meadowlands

are green; where the cattle crop the clover; and its bath is in the air, while the sun is shining over our beloved Delaware. This is awesome because the song is describes Delaware very well.                                                                       


Whiiiistle!! My favorite bird!!!.  According to James John, The state bird of Delaware is a Blue Hen Chicken. This was the state bird ever since April 14, 1939 the Blue hen It has a red head and a yellow neck. The belly of the Blue Hen Chicken is gray. The rest is black except the back it also has a little tiny bit of yellow.  I really wish that we have one as cool as this!!!


Read get smarter!!!  According to, hey have people ever started rumors about who was the first state to ratify the constitution!!!! Well here is your answer; the fist state to ratify the constitution is Delaware!!! This is so cool because it is awesome!




Whooooooooo is That is big or what?.  According to, Delaware turns out to be really big!!!! First, imagine how big u are then imagine being 2,489 square miles!! Delaware is 2,489 square miles believe it or not!!! You are surprised arenŐt you? I guessed, and my guess was nothing near that.



New Mexico?? Nooooo California? Nooo.  According to google maps, Maryland is a state by Delaware. New jersey is by Delaware!!!! My dad was born in New Jersey!!! North Carolina is by it too! I think this is really cool because the states are familiar.


Talk about GIANT!  According too, the biggest city is surprising!! The biggest city is 72,664 feet I think it just says 72,664 it is called Millington. I wonder if salt lake is that big??? If it is bigger than I would want to live there I love big cities. I donŐt know why. I think this is pretty cool because I donŐt know anything about Delaware!!!



The state Delaware is a wonderful state, if you are looking for a place to go on vacation then go to Delaware!!!