Box Elder


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Do you want to go somewhere you can shoot guns. Africa is not a bad place to shoot guns but Box Elder is closer. There are some really fun places there. But is you want to learn about the fun places come to Box Elder.



This paragraph is about how Box Elder got its name.  According to I love history It got its name because there are lots of box elder trees in Box Elder. It was named it because they love the trees. And they thought that was a really good name. I love Box Elder trees!



According to I love History  Mormons took up land in North Willow Creek (Willard).  Brigham City, which later would become an important center of the Mormon cooperative movement, was settled that same year.




This paragraph is about some of the interesting places in Box elder.  According to I love history in 1957; Thiokol Chemical began operating in Brigham City. Morton -Thiokol builds motors for missiles and rockets. The company chose to come to Box Elder County because it needed a large desert area for testing its motors. Defense has become the most important

 part of the county's economy



This paragraph is about how big Box Elder is.  According to I love history Box Elder County is 5,614 square miles.  It is bigger than beaver, Juab and Carbon counties.  It is

 smaller than just San Juan county.  Box Elder is big..




ThatŐs my report about Box Elder county!!!!!