Do you like to go on some amazing adventures? To you like islands with really cool names? To you like FOOTBALL? DO you like free fudge?!!! Well do ya? I know you do! In this report you will learn about the best place ever! It is MICHIGAN of course!!!! You will learn about Mackinac (MAC-I-Na) island, about Americas 38th president Gerald Ford, and the best football team in the world the DETROIT LIONS!!!! You will also learn about the state tree, reptile, and bird!!! So if you are wise and you know that if you are awesome read this report. OK. OK!!! See ya at the very very very end!! PS. Once you start to read this, you canÕt stop, it is against the rules and the law!! OK!!



This paragraph is about the life of the 38th president Gerald Ford.  According to Gerald ford was born on some day in 1913. His name was Leslie Lynch King, Jr. in Omaha, Nebraska. His biological father left the family when ford was only three years old. His mother then married a second husband, Gerald ford, adopted the young boy and gave him his second name. The website talks a lot more about Gerald ford jr. and his life as a young boy and as the 38th president.



Go Gerald Ford!!! He rocks! He was raised in the GREAT STATE OF MICHIGAN!!!!! This is him as the president and as a soldier!!!! He is cool!!




This paragraph is about the life of the 38th president Gerald Ford.  According to On September 5, 1975 in Sacramento, California a woman tried to shoot ford but her gun misfired. 17 days later on September 22 ford narrowly escaped another assassination attempt by another woman. Both women had a hatred for something and ford was a symbol of the hatred. Both woman were caught and imprisoned for life.


This paragraph is about when the Detroit Lions first started.  According to

The Detroit lions first made in Portsmouth, Ohio and called the Portsmouth Spartans, the team began play in 1929 as an independent professional team. In the 1930 season they formally joined the NFL. Despite success within the NFL, they could not survive in Portsmouth, the NFL's smallest city. The team was purchased and moved to Detroit for the 1934 season. Ever since then they have been playing for the NFL and are doing ok. They have some super stars but I don't think they have ever been or won a super bowl.









This paragraph is about some famous places.  According to this is a very famous place in Michigan. It is an island called Mackinac (MAC-I-Na) island. It is an island that has banned any motorized transportation. You can move by walking, biking, or horseback riding/horse drown carriage. I think this island is cool because my dad was born and raised in Michigan and he remembers and tells me about this place and when he went when he was a kid. Next summer I'm probably going to go to Michigan, and we are going to rent some bikes and ride around Mackinak Island.




Simple Facts


This paragraph is about the state Reptile.  According to turtle.htmal

The painted turtle was first made the state reptile of Michigan in 1995. The painted turtle is the only turtle still commonly found in Michigan. Some think that a turtle pet company brought them in but others think they are native. I really hope that they are native so that they are even more special than what they used to be.




This paragraph is about the Capital city.  According to the capital of Michigan is Lansing. I donÕt really understand any of this but all I know is that DETROIT is THE VERY VERY VERY VERY BEST IN MICHGAN!!!!!! So it talks about how it was started and all of that stuff and that stuff and ya.


This is the capital building in the capital of Michigan!!! My friend said that Spy kids 2 was filmed her in Lansing!!!!! So cool isnÕt it!!!!!! Well I think that this place is pretty cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This paragraph is about the state bird.  According to I think that is has some thing to do with that this traveler had a long journey and the first land bird he saw was the robin and I think that this is his journal and he made this into a the state bird because he discovered the land.




This paragraph is about the state tree.  According to the state tree is the Eastern white pine. It has pinecones and all of that cool stuff. It even had some really cool pines.






SO did you like it? I knew you would. SO did you learn some things? I just knew it! So what did you learn? I love the part about Mackinac (MAC-I-Na) island!!!! IÕm going there next summer!!! So like telling people about this report and all of my cool information and telling your parents that the next vacation you go on should be to tour the GREAT STATE OF MICHIGAN!!!!!!



See you at Michigan! ;-)