Box Elder and Sanpete

By funny UNICORN!


Have you ever been to Box Elder and Sanpete. They  are  good places to visit .  You will lern  hisoy cool facts and intresting  places  this

 is report for you.

Box Elder Simple facts



This paragraph is about the sheriff of box elder.  According to Box Elder County Utah, He is the best sheriff in utah.he is good becaues  crimes went  dowen. And less more crimes happen.


This paragraph is about a box elder peak.  According to Alltaralls,inc, if you like going on a hike go to  box elder peak.  The best seasons to go is Fall and Summer.  It is 11,101 feet tall.  It is scary!s

This paragraph is about Box Elder High School .  According to  The high school is called Box Elder High School.  It is in Brigham City.  It has 1,400 students in 10th-12th grade. Their mascot is the Box Elder Bees.


Interesting Places in Sanpete County


This paragraph is about the Manti Temple.  According to

There are lots of interesting places in Sanpete County.  One very famous place is the Manti LDS Temple.  They do a pageant (that's a big show they do on the hill) where they set up 14 thousand chairs, and the show goes until midnight.


This paragraph is about Snow College.  According to

Another interesting place in Sanpete County is Snow College.  It was named "top 10" out of all the 2-year colleges in our country.  It began clear back in 1888, and their mascot is the badger.


Interesting Facts About Sanpete County


This paragraph is about how big Sanpete County is.  

Sanpete county is kind of a small county.  It is 1,597 square miles.  So it is bigger than Daggett and Piute.  But you could fit 2 Sanpete Counties into , and you could fit 3 Sanpete Counties into San Juan.



This paragraph is about where Sanpete County got its name. Sanpete County got its name for a local Indian tribe.  The tribe's name was San Pitch.  San Pitch got kind of messed up and became San Pete, then Sanpete. 





So if you need to go to college and you are LDS  this is county for you!!!!!!