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What is a Telahubbie? Well........
They include a free Telahubbie blanket and skittles.           
Not only are Telahubbies flubbery and bouncy they
can speak six different languages including: English
French, Spanish, Chinese, German and Italian.
Amazing huh? They are squishy, smelly (good smells like vanilla etc.)
and they respond to everything you say in the right way.
Last of all they help do the following:
Homework, Chores, and Cooking.
Now what do you think of Telahubbies?

Just so there is no confusen TELAHUBBIES not TELETUBBIES


                                     Hello if you visited this website you are  amazingly awsome.                      
You just made me smile your so amazingly awsome.
Sorry there will be a telahubbies picture coming soon.