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This Year (2018-2019)

Final Projects!!

Last Year (2017-2018)

4th/5th/6th Grade Energy Reports.2017-2018

iMovie Energy Trailers.2017-2018

Many Years Ago (2012-2017)

4th/5th Grade Technology Reports.2016-2017
5th/6th Grade HTML Web Pages.2016-2017

5th/6th Grade Technology Reports.2015-16

5th/6th Grade HTML Web Pages.2014-15
State & County Reports 2014-15

5th/6th Grade Technology Reports 2013-14
4th/5th Grade County/State Reports 2013-14

4th/5th (county reports) 5th/6th Grade (HTML) 2012-13

Many, Many Years Ago (2001-2011)

HTML Web Pages
5th/6th Grade HTML.2010-11
6th/5th Grade 2008-09 (WYSIWYG)
6th/5th Grade 2008-09 (HTML)
5th Grade (2006-07)
6th Grade (2005-06)
5th Grade (2005-06)
6th Grade (2004-05)
5th Grade (2003-04)
6th Grade (2003-04)
6th Grade (2002-03)
6th Grade (2001-02)

Technology Reports
4th/5th Grade Technology Reports 2011-12
5th-6th Grade 2012 Technology Reports
4th/5th Grade Technology Reports 2010-11

4th/5th Grade Technology Reports 2009-10
5th/6th Grade Technology Reports 2009-10
4th/5th Grade Technology Reports 2008-09
6th/5th Grade Technology Reports 2007-08
4th/5th Grade Technology Reports 2007-08
6th Grade (2006-07)
4th Grade (2005-06)
4th Grade (2002-03)

Other Projects

4th Grade Internet Reports (2004-05)
5th Grade PowerPoints (2003-04)
5th Grade "You Be the Teacher" Project (2003-04)
6th Grade PowerPoints (2002-03)
5th Grade Hardware Lessons (2002-03)
4th Grade Internet Reports (2002-03)

4th Grade Native American Reports (2004-05)


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